Lisette Rijkenberg

Work history:

Internship at Jouke Bos,  Amsterdam, sept 2010 - January 2011,

Internship, retouching at Marc de Groot,  Amsterdam, sept 2011 - January 2012,

Graduated from the Art Academy Willem de Kooning  , Rotterdam. January 2013, Bachelor Degree of Photography.

Assisting, retouching Mona Kuhn, Los Angeles, Sept 2013 - now,

Assisting Jeff Olson, New York, 2014

Assisting, retouching Martin Kielmann, Europe, 2014 - now

Social Media photographer, retouching for Bonprix, April 2014 - now

Deliveroo Food Photography, Bordeaux, April 2016 - now


Museum of Image and Sound, Hilversum, 'Selfportret' AVRO collection, from 25th of March 2014 'till 25th of April 2014. Image: 'I'm Fine' from 'All by myself' series. 

Vondel CS, Amsterdam, 'Selfportret'  AVRO collection, from 2th of May till the 18th of May 2014. Image: 'I'm Fine' from 'All by Myself' series. 

GUP Dutch New Talent 2015, 21th of November - 31th of November 2014, Art'Otel, Amsterdam. Image from LetRealityNeverStrikeAgain series.


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